RUSI – The Royal United Services Institute – The Normandy Institute


The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) led by Dr. Karin von Hippel is the world’s oldest independent research-led think tank and is the podium of choice for world thought  leaders and senior policy makers engaged in cutting-edge defense and international security research. Founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, RUSI is recognized as the home of strategic scholarship in defense.

WellingtonThe Duke of Wellington by Goya

In February 2017 his Grace the 9th Duke of Wellington and General Sir Nicholas Houghton – Chief of the defense staff from 2013-2016 became trustees of RUSI.

The Royal Air Force’s 2016 Air Power Conference delivered in partnership with RUSI drew upon a high level international audience to examine the themes of Inspiration and Innovation. The RAF Air Power Conference was held in London at the Institute of Engineering and technology (IET). Four themes framed the debate: technology, “fighting systems”, leadership and organizational culture.

Speakers at the conference included: Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford – Chief of the Air Staff Royal Air Force, four-star General Frank Gorenc – NATO Commander of US Forces in Europe and Africa, General Michael Hood – Commander Royal Canadian Air Force, John Dowdy – Director Global and EMEA Mc.Kinsey & Co. and Dr. Peter W. Singer – Senior Fellow at New America Foundation.

Ray2General Ray and his crew on the famous “Rommel” steps at Chateau de Bernaville in June 2016

The Secretary of State of Defence, Michael Fallon, equally addressed delegates. Also present was Lt. Gen. Tim Ray, who had recently visited Picauville and the Normandy Institute at Chateau de Bernaville for the 72nd commemoration of D-Day.

After the RUSI conference Dorothea de La Houssaye and Sir Andrew Pulford raced off to the RAF Club for the Legion of Honor ceremony for Tom Neil, Rose Davies and Arthur Jones, all WWII veterans.

IMG_3455Standing from left to right: the French Air Attache , Sir Andrew Pulford, Dorothea de La Houssaye, John Michaelson, Fred Ruggero. Sitting from left to right: Arthur Jones, Rose Davis, Wing Commander Tom “Ginger” Neil.

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